Advisory to Importers of Poultry

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Department of Commerce


Advisory to Importers of Poultry

With effect from February 2016, businesses/persons desirous of obtaining a licence to import poultry are advised of the following:

  1. First time applicants are required to complete a registration form
  2. Import licences will be issued on a first come, first served Licences submitted before allocations are made will be kept on file and will be considered at the time of issuance
  3. Application forms should be submitted before the 15th December to be considered for the first annual allocation (valid for January – June) and the 15th June to be considered for the second annual allocation (valid for July – December)
  4. Applications submitted after the stipulated dates will not be considered for the current allocation
  5. Licences are valid for a period of six months and cannot be extended
  6. Licences are not transferrable
  7. A total of 1,950,000 pounds (886,364 kg) of poultry will be allowed entry into the local market – half of this amount will be allocated in December for the first half of the year (January – June) and the remainder in June for the latter half of the year (July – December)

The Ministry urges that applications be submitted on a timely basis and should cater for requirements during peak periods. The Ministry will publish a list of the licences issued on the Ministry’s website:

Please be guided accordingly.


Ms. Nicola Namdeo

Director of Commerce