Antibiotic misuse focus of World Consumer Rights Day – local consumer advocates honoured


The Ministry of Business Consumers Affairs Division on Sunday  honored Consumer movements in Guyana which together brought over 23 years’ service to consumers.

 At that forum, the dangers of antibiotic misuse in animals, especially poultry and livestock were highlighted, in line with this year’s theme “Antibiotics off the menu”.
Recipients of agencies such as the Food and Drug Analyst Department, National Communications Network (NCN) and the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for Consumer Movements of Guyana, of which there are several, were honoured at the event held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.
Some of the awardees honoured are: George Seals, President, Consumer Movement of Guyana; Mark Watson and Andrea Joseph of NCN, and Ignatius Merai, Jewel Sears, Stacy Alves and Fabiola Roberts all of the Food and Drug Analyst Department
Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, who addressed the  gathering said, “We are all consumers and this theme should have relevance to each of us.” He added, “I am sure we can count on our fast food industry to support this initiative that seeks to save human lives.”
The Minister pointed out that simply providing consumer with information will not necessarily create ‘good consumers’. When it comes to raising consumer awareness, he noted that, “we should not underestimate the challenges of changing consumer behaviour.”
“I do believe an educated consumer is the best consumer and that good consumers will create better businesses by raising expectations and demanding better goods and services from businesses,” the Minister added.
The Consumer Affairs Division in observance of World Consumer Rights Day March 15, 2016, will join with other consumer related organisations to tackle the misuse of antibiotics.
The division will be hosting a number of activities to mark the observance.
The fast food industries are being specifically targeted to put pressure on farmers and producers to reduce the use of antibiotics on their produce.
Their overuse is creating highly resistant super bugs and poses a threat to humans.
Consumers International and its members are calling on the world’s largest fast food companies to make global commitments to stop serving meat from animals routinely given antibiotics used in humans.