News related to the Ministry of Business

Vacancy – Special Projects Officer

·         To assist with the development of projects for funding for the Ministry as well the development of investor- ready project portfolios
·         To provide research material on projects relating to the work of the Ministry and to give advice thereon.
·         To follow up and provide information on administrative and other matters delegated by the Minister in a timely manner.
·         Profiles of projects for implementation by the Ministry of Business and its agencies
·         Project proposals to maximize funding opportunities
·         Investor-ready portfolio of projects
·         Registry of projects undertaken by other government agencies and identification of opportunities for synergies
·         Reports on meetings, conferences and periodic reviews of specific projects undertaken by the Ministry.
·         Helps to coordinate preparatory work for financing of specific projects identified by external funding agencies.
·         Prepares or assists in preparing, and presents proposals for special projects to be funded.
·         Collects, maintains, reports on and publishes data regarding project activities.
·         In collaboration with the Communications Officer, designs and implements public information and educational programs and conducts public consultations concerning special projects.
·         Monitors special projects and project proposals and ensures that findings are applied, implemented, and documented.
·         Works closely with local authorities to identify areas for project development
·         Attends select meetings on behalf of the Minister.
·         Performs other duties as assigned.
·         Degree/Diploma in Public, Business Administration, Project management, Management Studies or equivalent
·         A minimum of three years administrative experience.
The incumbent is required to communicate at the highest level on behalf of the Minister as such a good grasp of the English language with special emphasis on oral and written communication is desirable.
Subject to consultation with the Minister, the incumbent can make decisions on a variety of matters relating to the execution of the tasks assigned. The incumbent works closely with colleagues and personnel in external agencies and such interfacing can lead to better decision-making.
Responsible for managing relationships, documents and any other resource assigned to his care.
The incumbent is compensated in accordance with the Public Service GS10 Salary scale
WORKING CONDITIONS: Normal Working Conditions.

Vacancy – Business Liaison Officer

Business Liaison Officer 


To manage relationships between the Minister of Business and the business community.


  • Develop and maintain contact information of key businesses in Guyana and those who have been in contact with Minister
  • Daily policy advice for the Minister on issues of immediate concern to businesses
  • Verbal and written briefings on government information provided directly to businesses
  • Develop strategies and programmes to allow the Minister and the Ministry to more effectively co-ordinate and engage with  the business community
  • Assist with drafting content for speeches and presentations


  • Meet with businesses on behalf of Minister, in order to transmit concerns, ideas, and other communications
  • Attend and assist with creating events of key interest to businesses
  • Advise the Minister of immediate issues facing businesses
  • Assist to oversee the preparation and distribution of materials providing relevant information to businesses
  • Summarize media reports on individual businesses for the Minister’s information
  • All other relevant activities to help businesses ensure that their concerns are heard by the Minister in an appropriate and actionable way, and to help the Minister to effectively serve the business community


  • A relevant university degree and ideally an MBA, with at least2 years of experience working closely with a range of senior staff in the business sector
  • Excellent skills of writing, presentation and communication
  • Strong understanding of the private sector, ideally with an extensive network of existing contacts at high levels in major companies
  • Competent in the use of information technology


The business liaison officer would normally be the first point of contact with businesses, and his/her activities would therefore be critical to ensuring that the concerns of businesses are heard and can be acted on.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Responsible for managing relationships and documents

WORKING CONDITIONS: Normal working conditions

PREPARED BY: Minister of Business


Vacancy – Communications Officer

Communications  Officer


To manage the internal and external communications of the Minister Secretariat, in order to maximize the Ministry’s ability to communicate effectively with businesses, the general public and other state agencies.


  • High quality press releases and other media content Guide the development of formats for letters, advertisement or other content for the Ministry of Business, in collaboration with other staff
  • Prepare circulars and memoranda for communication to departments, agencies and staff of the Ministry
  • Updated communication records including press file and database of media contacts


  • Manage media enquiries and public relations of the Minister

Write press releases and draft content for news articles, other media items, and internal communications

  • Maximize media coverage for Minister and other staff by arranging and facilitating successful interviews and other activities
  • Develop strong relationships with the media, and be able to serve as spokesperson for the Ministry where relevant
  • Develop and implement strategies to enhance communication across the Ministry, working closely with any staff working on communications projects
  • Supervise consultants working on projects related to communications, such as website
  • Approve and monitor content for the Ministry’s website
  • Other activities to enhance the effectiveness of Ministry communications as determined by the Minister


  • A relevant university degree
  • At least 2years of relevant experience in communications, ideally for the business media or as communications officer in the public or private sectors
  • Advanced writing and editing skills
  • Experience writing content for newsletters, magazines and official letters
  • Excellent understanding of how to maximize media opportunities to advance the interests of businesses in Guyana
  • Excellent leaderships and negotiation skills
  • Good knowledge of information technology
  • Good knowledge of protocol in government and business sectors


The communications officer would often be the first point of contact with the media, and therefore their activities would have a major impact on how the Ministry of Business is perceived. Errors in communication could lead to the public misunderstanding the role and programmes for Ministry.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Responsible for creating files of press clippings, media contacts, and Ministry publications. May be responsible for communications budget and supervising consultants or other projects to enhance communciations.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Normal working conditions

PREPARED BY: Minister of Business

LIAT Executives pay Courtesy Call on Minister Gaskin

On Monday January 30, 2017, Executives of regional airline LIAT paid a courtesy call on Minister of Business, Mr. Dominic Gaskin.

The team which earlier met with the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, sought the Minister’s views on matters related to regional air transportation.


Minister Dominic Gaskin[R] with Ms. Julie Reifer-Jones, CEO(ag) and Capt. Senhouse of LIAT

The Minister of Business who also has responsibility for tourism development in Guyana emphasized the link between tourism development and reliable transportation in the region.

He disclosed that all the aggressive marketing of the country would not bear any fruit if there is no corresponding transportation network to get tourists to the destination efficiently.

The Minister pointed out that Guyana, known for its rich bio-diversity and eco-tourism, is an excellent complement to the rest of the CARICOM region’s sun and sand tourism, therefore the need exists for multi-destination options. He stressed that there needs to be more options for travelers, better connections and reliability in order to support Guyana’s tourism development drive.

Destination Guyana represents a very important market for LIAT and one that the company is keen on growing.

Minister Gaskin meets UN Representatives to Discuss Guyana-UN 2017 Country Implementation Plan

On Thursday January 19, 2017, Minister Dominic Gaskin met with officials from three(3) United Nations agencies in Guyana to discuss the Guyana-UN 2017 Country Implementation Plan.

Minster Gaskin in discussion with Representatives from UNDP, UNICEF and FAO

At the meeting it was agreed that the agencies would compare work plans for the year 2017 to see whether there are areas for collaboration and to action those areas.

In 2016, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provided assistance to the Ministry of Business to complete its 2016-2020 strategic plan which will guide the work of the ministry up until the year 2020.



Minister Gaskin calls for “a more conscious consumption” at launch of Nand Persaud International Communication (NPIC)Inc. Green Energy System.

On Friday last Minister Gaskin delivering remarks at NPIC, made a plug for Guyanese to support local industries by becoming aware of the impact of their consumption habits on the local economy and making a collective conscious effort to support local productivity.

We have had a warning last year that the economy is not something that will continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate regardless of how we behave. Our economy only grew by 2.6 percent last year.
If we want to avoid any further slow-down we have to become more productive and OUR productivity has to be supported by OUR habits of consumption. We cannot continue to consume everything that everyone else is producing without seriously undermining our own productive capacity.
Unfortunately this is precisely what we have been doing and we need to make a collective effort to arrest this trend and to turn it around. We all need to be involved – our people need to practice a more conscious consumption, our businesses need to invest in value-added production and our government needs to provide an enabling business environment for manufacturing

The Minister also lauded the Nand Persaud Group for being a pioneering company and for this latest venture which represents the largest commercial operation in Guyana powered by solar energy.

Earlier in the day the Minister toured two manufacturing facilities along the East Coast Corridor, KSM Investments and Major Foods where he witnessed the production operations of those companies firsthand.


Government to focus on infrastructure development – says Business Minister










In an effort to make Guyana an easier place to do business, the Ministry of Business has developed an action plan of doing business reforms which will be rolled out over the next two years and bring significant improvements to the ease of doing business in Guyana.

Addressing the gathering of prominent Business persons at Republic Bank’s Trade mission held on Monday, the Minister said that, “accelerated infrastructure development is a particular area of focus for our government”.

Gaskin further explained that by prioritizing the development of our transportation, energy, and telecommunications infrastructure, we would create a more competitive economy with expanded opportunities that can attract the investments we need.

The Minister also emphasized the need for the re-balancing of our economy to reflect the needs of our people and the priorities of our nation and expressed the view that the exploitation of our non-renewable resources is not sustainable and therefore cannot be the way forward for Guyana.

“We must start making the necessary investments to wean us off of our dependence on primary commodities and to promote the development of other sectors or other sections of the value-chains of commodities currently exported”, Gaskin said.


Private sector investment key driver of sustainable growth – says Minister Gaskin


Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, while addressing a gathering of regional business leaders at Republic Bank’s first trade mission to Guyana held at Marriott Hotel on Monday said: Government supports an economic model that sees private sector investment as the key driver of sustainable growth

He furthered emphasized that: there must be a long-term partnership between government and private sector to create an economy that is not only relevant to the people of Guyana, but to the wider region and beyond.

In addressing access to finance in Guyana the Minister told the gathering that:  financing plays a critical role in business development and our bankers need to be fully on board when we contemplate business relationships.

Speaking of the challenges faced by businesses in Guyana in accessing finance, the Minister concluded: So whether within borders or across borders we do need a financial sector that is responsive to the needs of a growing economy and is willing to put new options on the table to finance that growth.