Ministry of Business Sponsorship Application

The Ministry of Business sponsorship policy was developed to ensure all sponsorship contribute to our core objectives, provide optimum use of public resources, and that all requests are dealt with in a transparent and systematic way. The Ministry will consider sponsoring initiatives organized by or for businesses where the main objective contributes to enhancing the development of businesses in Guyana.

  1. All proposals must relate and contribute to the Ministry’s strategic objectives outlined in the 2016-2020 Strategic Action Plan (which is available on the Ministry of Business website).
  2. Initiatives should not be organized by individuals; registered businesses or non-governmental organizations should be involved in the organizing committee for the event.
  3. Businesses should either directly or indirectly be the main beneficiaries of the initiative
  4. Initiatives which include structured learning and public-private dialogue for specific policy formulation purposes are preferred
  5. All applications must fulfill all the criteria stated in this policy.

Proposals that do not meet the criteria, that do not provide the correct information, or that are not received well in advance of the initiative will not be considered.

Sponsorship Application Form

Ministry of Business Strategic Action Plan 2015-2020

Businesses are the major sources of GDP, income, investments and jobs in Guyana, and will therefore be central to securing the economic growth we need to drive Guyana’s future. In recognition of this fact, the mandate of the Minister of Business addresses the matters of investment promotion, work force enhancement, sustainable development and export promotion. To effectively address these matters the Ministry has opted to develop a comprehensive strategic plan.

In order to ensure timely release of information to the public, and to guide our activities until our full strategic plan is launched, we have prepared this “Strategic Action Plan” which you are now reading. Our Strategic Action plan details our 2015 and planned 2016 activities as well as our vision to implement our mandate by 2020.

The five strategic goals of the Ministry of Business are:

  1. Improve the ease of doing business in Guyana
  2. Attract increased foreign investments in our economy
  3. Support the development and exports of value-added industries
  4. Increase the economic opportunities and capabilities of vulnerable groups
  5. Expand our capacity to develop and promote sustainable business-friendly policies

The following pages explain how we intend to implement our vision, and the time-frame for completion of the final plan with support of the UNDP. We are dedicated to providing the support needed for businesses in Guyana to thrive, in order to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. We do hope you will enjoy reading.