The Coconut Festival is a collaboration between the Ministry of Business – Department of Tourism – and the Ministry of Agriculture, with support from the ITC and CARDI.  It is intended to re-educate Guyanese people about the diverse benefits of this super-fruit including the health and cosmetic benefits, the nutritional value, the decorative value of the shell, tree trunk, branches and fronds, as well as the numerous ways for up-cycle and down-cycle manufacturing.


  • A means of economic diversification
  • Heighten awareness of the many uses of the coconut
  • Strategy to lay a foundation for an agro-tourism sector in Guyana
  • Stimulate development of a coconut value chain

Who will be coming?

  • Brazil – Exhibitors of coconut equipment; coconut cuisine and a presenter
  • Suriname – Exhibitors, performers and tourists
  • Mexico – Exhibitors and a presenter
  • India – Committed but final confirmation awaited
  • Caribbean – Representatives of Coconut Platforms
  • Switzerland – Representatives of International Trade Centre (ITC)

What is Coconut Awareness Week?

  • A week that, extending from Saturday October 15 to Sunday October 23, focuses attention on the coconut, its variety of uses, its economic and creative possibilities.

What are some highlights of the week?

  • The speedboat parade in the Pomeroon to mark River Appreciation Day on Saturday October 15
  • The Sunday 16 activities – Coconut Walkathon, Launch of Lady Coco, Coconut motorcade to Mahaicony Ground for World Food Day observance
  • Thursday 20 State of the Industry Forum and Launch of Coconut Development Road Map
  • Friday 21 Coconut Summit and Coconut Fashion evening
  • Saturday 22 Coco Splash soca event
  • Sunday 22 Coconut Awards ceremony and Closing Reception for sponsors