1.3 Preparing a Business Plan

What to include in your business plan

A business plan is a written description of your business. This document can be done by the investor himself. There are a number of key information GO-Invest look for in every business plan. These are as follows:

  • General introduction of the Investor and business sector the investor is interested in.
  • Description of your business and its related activity (ies) including future expansion.
  • Reason (s) for entering into business in the respective region: this should include anticipated demand and supply for your goods and or services, marketing strategies and target markets.
  • What infrastructure will you provide (water, waste disposal, etc)
  • Land requirements and plan showing the full development scenario with all site plans, etc.
  • Any other graphics or photographic details will be accepted.
  • Investment and schedule of investment – this will include the value of the investment and employment creation.
  • Environmental effects (if applicable)
  • Financial Information (source of financing) and Financial Projections for the Business.
  • List of Items which require waivers of duty and taxes