1.5 Registering a Company

Companies are registered at the Commercial Registry located at Lot 1 High & Commerce Streets Georgetown, Guyana

Documents that must be provided at the registry

  • Articles on Incorporation
  • Notice of Directors
  • Consents to act Director
  • Notice of Secretary
  • Consent to act as Secretary
  • Notice of Registered Office
  • Declaration of Compliance (Signed by an Attorney)
  • By laws (as necessary)

Procedure for Incorporating a Company

  1. Search for company name at the commercial registry and reserve proposed name. It costs $175 to search and $800 to reserve.
  2. When a Company is presented at the Registry to be incorporated in the case of a local company, the counter clerk checks the documents to ensure that it corresponds to the list.
  3. Once all of the aforesaid are in order for filing, it is then taxed at a fee of ($63,550) and sent to the cashier for payment.
  4. Once the fees are paid the Companies clerk will proceed to enter the company into the Register and Automated System for which a Certificate of Incorporation would be generated.
  5. The certificate is then submitted to the Registrar for signing.
  6. When the signing is complete the Certificate of Incorporation is then issued along with certified Copies of the Articles, as requested.