3.1 How to get property

Public Land

Applying to Lease Public Land

Public lands are issued by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission

Persons interested in applying to lease State and Government Lands should note that there are five (5) Steps:-

    • Application:
      • Sending of a Letter of Expression of Interest to the Commissioner
      • Expression of Interest will be forwarded to the respective Regional Office to commence processing
      • Acknowledgement Letter issued
      • GL&SC checks availability of Land and contacts applicant. Applicants could also visit the GL&SC on any Thursday to obtain the status of their request
    • Inspection:
      • An inspection fee is required to be paid for a field inspection
      • If the applicant accepts the land, an application form would be issued to the applicant on payment of the prescribed fees.
    • Approval:
      • A Schedule of Applications is prepared and sent to the Office of the President for approval and there is further processing by the Commission
    • Survey:
      • A survey fee is required (once approval is given), and the land would be surveyed. Some lands were block surveyed, and do not require another survey.
      • GL&SC surveys 40 acres and above, while private surveyors could be used for less than 40 acres. A Plan is prepared defining the boundaries, and once accepted by the Surveys Division, it is approved and recorded
    • Lease:
      • A lease would be prepared and sent to the respective Regional Office
      • At the Regional Office, it is registered and the client is requested to uplift his/her/ lease on payment of the required fees.

Lease Issuance: Many applicants uplift Leases every day from GL&SC Offices. These are legitimate titles being of high value, and could be used as collateral in the Commercial Banks also.

For more information visit GLSC website

Applying for transfer of Lease

Transfer of leases is a simple process that is allowed under the conditions of a lease. Application for transfer is done at any of the respective branch offices for which area falls.

Transferors are required to and must provide the following for processing of an application to transfer:

  • Surrender Original copy of lease.
  • Clear all rents.
  • A certified copy of valuation report.
  • Pay inspection fees and 2% duty on current value of land.
  • Completed, signed and notarized (by Commissioner of oaths), transfer application form (in order to obtain application form, applicant must submit a request of transfer to the regional office)

Transfer will not be done for leases with a remaining period of only one year. In such cases clients will be advised to apply for renewal first or surrender the lease.

Note: Renewal of a lease must begin processing not later than 30 days before expiry of the lease.

Private Land (Transport Deed and Titled)

Applying for transfer of title or transport

Transferors are required to and must provide the following for processing of an application to for the following transactions:

  • Transfer by way of first registration i.e By an Order of Court


  • Transfer
  • Affidavit of Transfer
  • Certified Copy of Order of Court
  • Current Valuation (not more than 2 years old)
  • Power of Attorney if used (certified copy)
  • Transfer by way of Gift or Sale


  • Transfer (if titled) or Instruction to Advertise (if transport deeded)
  • Affidavit of Donor (if by gift) or Vendor (if by sale)
  • Affidavit of Donee (if by gift) or Purchaser (if by sale)
  • Certificate of Compliance (GRA)
  • Certificate of Rates and Taxes (for the current year)
  • Original Title (if lost, then an application and affidavit)
  • Valuation (Not acquired if it is a sale)
  • Power of Attorney if used (certified copy)
  • Order of Court (if an order is made by the court to sell or transfer as a gift, then a certified copy
  • Transfer by way of Vesting/Estate


  • Transfer (if titled) or Instruction to Advertise (if transport deeded)
  • Affidavit of Vestings
  • Probate (if there is a will) if not letters of administration
  • Original title (if lost, application and affidavit for replacement)
  • Power of Attorney (if used, a certified copy)
  • Transfer by way of Execution Sale
  • Execution of Sale document
  • Levy Proceedings
  • Current Valuation

Land transaction fees

Accessing Maps of Land

See this link for price list for accessing general or special, tangible or softcopy mapping of land in Guyana . Attachment five is provided.