GO- Invest to pursue Guyanese in the diaspora to invest in Guyana’s economy.


This year, Guyana Office of Investment (GO Invest) would be working to improve its relations and partnership with other agencies both locally and internationally. This is so the agency can better facilitate investments in Guyana

This according to Chief Executive Officer of GO Invest Owen Verwey, “the diaspora is very interested in Guyana’s economy and they have the money to invest in their home country”. He pointed out that Guyana is a very natural resource rich economy; we have the largest land mass in the Caribbean. 

Verwey insisted that all avenues for job creation through the relevant investments will be pursued by GOInvest. He says “the creation of jobs in Guyana, especially for young people, is high on the agenda for GOInvest”

The mandate of GO Invest is to contribute to Guyana’s economic development by promoting and facilitating local and foreign private-sector investment and exports in accordance with the country’s approved investment and export strategies.