Government to focus on infrastructure development – says Business Minister










In an effort to make Guyana an easier place to do business, the Ministry of Business has developed an action plan of doing business reforms which will be rolled out over the next two years and bring significant improvements to the ease of doing business in Guyana.

Addressing the gathering of prominent Business persons at Republic Bank’s Trade mission held on Monday, the Minister said that, “accelerated infrastructure development is a particular area of focus for our government”.

Gaskin further explained that by prioritizing the development of our transportation, energy, and telecommunications infrastructure, we would create a more competitive economy with expanded opportunities that can attract the investments we need.

The Minister also emphasized the need for the re-balancing of our economy to reflect the needs of our people and the priorities of our nation and expressed the view that the exploitation of our non-renewable resources is not sustainable and therefore cannot be the way forward for Guyana.

“We must start making the necessary investments to wean us off of our dependence on primary commodities and to promote the development of other sectors or other sections of the value-chains of commodities currently exported”, Gaskin said.