Government to put the Expo back into GuyExpo” – Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin


The Coalition Government is aiming to place more focus on the business opportunities which can be provided to stakeholders participating in this year’s GuyExpo. According to Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, the intention is to have a stronger bias towards promoting and enabling the business owners and operators to advantage of the event.

There will be an emphasis on celebrating the Jubilee Independence, Minister Gaskin added, “The fact that we anticipate a lot of overseas visitors coming to Guyana, we want to put on something that is special for them”.

Minister Gaskin said, the challenge is attracting large amounts of people to the event without focusing mostly on the entertainment which often detracts from actual exhibits, “We’ll have a bit of balance”.

The Business Ministry has organized a number of workshops and business oriented events during the period of GuyExpo, he explained, “There is going to be a serious focus on business development and establishing linkages”.

Members of the diaspora have strong business community which is very interested in doing business with local counterparts and the Minister is keen to them develop stronger linkages with local counterparts.

Go-Invest, the agency charged with boosting local and foreign investment efforts, will have a stronger presence at the Guy Expo. Minister Gaskin said, “They will able to give advice and information to businesses. The kind of information that is often lacking, or hard for people to get, on their own. He noted that a lot of investors may have a particular skill set and the Government would want potential investors to invest in what they know best.

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards will also have a larger role at the event. The agency, Minister Gaskin observed that the GNBS has taken on the role on being a consumer watchdog type but this is not its main focus. The primary role of the GNBS, he said to support business development by creating standards for businesses to implement, “thereby improving the quality of their businesses and services, and therefore becoming more competitive”.  We want them to exhibit and demonstrate that role at this year’s GuyExpo, he emphasised.