‘Guyana has the ability to sustain international companies’

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, Wednesday, June 7, 2017, was the Keynote Speaker at the Launching of Shell Fuel Save, Guyana Marriott Hotel. Minister Gaskin spoke to several issues including the need for businesses to constantly improve, investing in research and development, and the importance of authorized distributorships. He also addressed Guyana’s improved customer services; our ability to sustain international companies; and Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy.

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin said in his remarks, “For consumers it’s good to have choices and businesses must provide those choices. In business we must seek to constantly improve – what we do, as well as the quality of, whatever product or service we provide. And it is through this constant quest for improvement on the part of businesses that even consumers of fairly standard products, like paint or gas, are provided with precisely formulated new varieties to suit their requirements or preferences.”

“Smart businesses invest in research and development in order to stay ahead of their competitors through new and better products and other innovations. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if you don’t have new or improved products on the market you will eventually start to lose your share of the market,” he stated.

The Minister of Business emphasized that, “With this and other SOL products customers also have the benefit of an authorized distribution system which allows for accountability and traceability, and guarantees that the products reaching the consumer are genuine and conform to set standards and specifications.”

He continued, “There are too many products imported into Guyana today that are not acquired through authorized distributorships and are therefore not backed by the quality assurances and after sales support of such a system, leaving consumers unprotected in the event of any defects”.

He noted as well, “SOL now has a presence in about two dozen countries and I am sure it has different experiences in each of these countries. Reputable international companies must feel at home operating in Guyana and must be able to do so successfully.”

“Guyana’s ability to sustain international companies is a reflection of our readiness to do business with the rest of the world and the economic opportunities that exist here,” he said.

Minister Gaskin added that, “Guyana is entering a new economic era that will expose us to international norms and standards in the world of business. Guyana is expected to be producing oil by 2020. This is causing a lot of excitement both in and out of Guyana. It is also placing Guyana in the spotlight and this means that we can no longer do as we please without consequences. What happens in Guyana no longer stays in Guyana and what happens here in business is being observed far and wide. We can use this as an opportunity to showcase our country in a positive light to potential investors and partners.”

Minister Gaskin also emphasized the importance of investors understanding the long-term vision for Guyana, and explained that “the Green State Development Strategy is currently a framework that builds on Guyana’s commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement.  It identifies a green pathway for Guyana’s development and prioritizes the well-being of our environment and of our people for generations to come.”

He further noted that “with our small population and large areas of attractive and undisturbed natural habitats there is every possibility that our most valuable resource will always be our well preserved natural environment – as long as we don’t destroy it”

The Minister concluded his remarks by suggesting that “in the same way that Shell has invested its resources into developing this new product, we in Guyana need to use our most innovative and enterprising minds and spirits to find non-destructive ways to generate sustainable economic benefits from our natural habitats.”