Guyana has an opportunity to set a course for a national brand – says Minister of Business


Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, who addressed the gathering of prominent Business persons at the Small Business Development Finance Trust Incorporated (SBDF) at that entity’s 13th Annual General Meeting held at the Regency Hotel on Monday said, “I believe that we in Guyana have an opportunity now to set a course and create a national brand” while urging small and micro-enterprises to prepare ourselves for an increase in business activities over the coming years.

According to the Minister, “We have been ignored by the rest of the world for a very long time because no one really knew about us and what we had to offer. But now that we have one of the largest companies in the world operating in our country, things have changed and people are paying attention to us all of a sudden”.

Gaskin made this statement with reference to the discovery of oil off the shores of Guyana by ExxonMobil last year.

The Minister further pointed out,“It has already started to happen and we need to get our act together quickly if we want to benefit from the attention we are receiving because word gets around in the world of business, and if we do not showcase ourselves as a country that means business we will not be treated like a country that means business”.

In weeks and months and even a few years to come, many people and companies will be experiencing Guyana for the first time and unless something goes badly wrong, we will see an increase in economic activity, the Minister added.