GUYEXPO 2016 launched


Minister of Business, Mr Dominic Gaskin delivers his address at the event.


Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin in his addressed said “GuyExpo is well aligned with the objectives of the Ministry of Business as well as the economic development priorities of the government and is designed to nurture and promote business growth and development in Guyana”.  

He also revealed that this year, one area of focus will be the development of micro and small enterprises. “GuyExpo provides opportunities for growth even for small businesses. It gives them the opportunities needed to grow and develop.

Efforts will be made to encourage them to bring to GuyExpo high standards of products and services and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards will be playing a critical role in this [regard],” he said. Minister Gaskin also said that the Ministry is also placing special emphasis on business development and export promotion this year.

He noted that an estimated 500 exhibitors are expected to showcase their enterprises at this year’s event and it is anticipated that it will be successful.

The hosting of this business event as part of the range of activities commemorating Guyana’s fiftieth independence anniversary during the month of May, 2016 maximizes the exposure that our exhibitors will enjoy.