How to obtain a grant or loan under Micro and Small Enterprise Development Project



Prospective applicants are welcomed to visit the Small Business Bureau, to ensure the needs and confirm compliance with size (meet criteria of the Small Business Act) and Project (low carbon sector).

To obtain a grant or loan, small business owners must:

  1. Be registered through the Deeds Registry. The Small Business Bureau can help get your business registered.
  2. Employ not more than twenty-five persons
  3. Be involved in sectors or business activities that are not harmful to the environment, especially priority sectors such as farming;  processing;  aquaculture and low carbon activities such as energy efficient transportation; internet and computer services; entertainment; and arts and craft.


 General loan requirements would be those of Republic Bank Ltd. and GBTI for loans as follows:

1. Business proposal – if start up business
2. Proof of other existing income – if start up
3. Financial statements – for at least 1 year (existing business seeking to expand)
4. Business registration and relevant licenses and permits (specific to type of activity)
5. Evidence of equity contribution – min. of  RBL – 25%, GBTI – 10%
6. Relevant collateral documents  – property, vehicle or deposit account are accepted by banks (must cover min. of 60% of loan in value)
7. NIS
8. TIN
9. ID – (age requirement – 18 to 60)
The Small Business Bureau does preliminary assessment based on submission of the above mentioned (viability and associated risks) and send applicant with referral letter to bank of their choice. The bank based on individual risk assessment upon interviewing client could ask for additional information/documentation.