Minister Gaskin calls for “a more conscious consumption” at launch of Nand Persaud International Communication (NPIC)Inc. Green Energy System.

On Friday last Minister Gaskin delivering remarks at NPIC, made a plug for Guyanese to support local industries by becoming aware of the impact of their consumption habits on the local economy and making a collective conscious effort to support local productivity.

We have had a warning last year that the economy is not something that will continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate regardless of how we behave. Our economy only grew by 2.6 percent last year.
If we want to avoid any further slow-down we have to become more productive and OUR productivity has to be supported by OUR habits of consumption. We cannot continue to consume everything that everyone else is producing without seriously undermining our own productive capacity.
Unfortunately this is precisely what we have been doing and we need to make a collective effort to arrest this trend and to turn it around. We all need to be involved – our people need to practice a more conscious consumption, our businesses need to invest in value-added production and our government needs to provide an enabling business environment for manufacturing

The Minister also lauded the Nand Persaud Group for being a pioneering company and for this latest venture which represents the largest commercial operation in Guyana powered by solar energy.

Earlier in the day the Minister toured two manufacturing facilities along the East Coast Corridor, KSM Investments and Major Foods where he witnessed the production operations of those companies firsthand.