Minister of Business International Women’s Day message

The Ministry of Business joins  the world in celebrating International Women’s Day under the theme: Planet 50:50 by 2030- step it up for gender equality.

It is true that significant strides have been made toward achieving gender equality. A lot has been accomplished by women to stake their claim to be recognized and to be treated equally.

However, we must acknowledge that the scales are tipped against women, especially in Business. A 2015 CNN Money analysis of the top 5 leadership positions in S&P 500 companies showed that only 14.2% of the top leadership positions were occupied by women.

We at the Ministry of Business see the immense potential of women’s involvement in Business. Women are uniquely positioned to bring their experience, expertise and best practices to the Guyanese economy and we are proud to say that most of the top positions within our Ministry are occupied by women.

One of the strategic goals of the Ministry of Business is to increase the economic opportunities and capabilities of vulnerable groups and it is imperative that Guyanese women involved in business are able to operate on a level playing field.

The Ministry of Business will seek to create favourable conditions in which all investors, regardless of gender, can conduct their business profitably and without prejudice.

Guyanese women in business will continue to have a significant impact on the growth and development of Guyana’s economy. We therefore encourage women entrepreneurs to continue to expand their borders and to continue pursuing their dreams.

The Ministry of Business will continue to do its part in helping to achieve the 50:50 by 2030 goal.