Ministry of Business to propose Public-Private dialogue – for more stimulated engagement with Private Sector


In an effort to stimulate Public- Private Dialogue within the private sector, the Ministry of Business is seeking to propose a model for public – private dialogue.

According to Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, “the competitiveness of the Guyanese economy is an issue that will have to be addressed through an appropriate public-private dialogue body”, Gaskin said in his addressed to the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association annual Business Luncheon held at the Pegasus Hotel on Thursday, June 23rd.

The Minister further explained that “Public-Private dialogue body can provide a mechanism for jointly identifying priorities, developing comprehensive solutions for recommendation to Cabinet and monitoring the implementation of those solutions for the achievement of their objectives.”

The Minister said that, a model for this public-private dialogue body is currently being developed and will be proposed shortly. “It is my hope that it will be accepted by the private sector as a new, effective and long-term partnership for ensuring that the well-being of Guyana’s economy receives the attention it deserves”, Gaskin said.