Ministry of Business Statement on the reported misrepresentation of Small Business Registration Forms

  Ministry of Business’ Statement on the reported misrepresentation of Small Business Registration Forms in Region 1 by officials of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

The Ministry of Business is concerned about recent reports coming out of Region 1 (Barima Waini) that the Small Business Bureau (SBB) registration forms are being selectively distributed by some members of the Regional Democratic Council and are being misrepresented as applications for grants and loans.

Additionally, it is being reported that these regional officials are promising grants to their constituents and advising them to blame the Government if these do not materialize. In this regard, the Ministry wishes to provide the following facts:

  1. The Small Business Bureau keeps a record of Small Businesses in Guyana and this involves the use of registration forms to register these businesses.
  2. Small businesses are required to register with the SBB before they can benefit from any of the programmes or projects being implemented by the agency.
  3. Registration forms are available to the general public free of cost and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Business’ website:
  4. As part of its outreach programme, the representatives of the SBB visit all of the regions of Guyana and hold meetings with and provide information to members of the public.
  5. From time to time, the SBB leaves registration forms with the NDCs or RDCs to distribute to small businesses so that they can be registered. These forms are not applications for grants or loans.
  6. Grants, loans and training for small businesses are available through the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Development and Building Alternative Livelihoods for Vulnerable Groups Project, commonly coined the ‘MSED Project’, which is run by the Small Business Bureau.

The Ministry of Business wishes to reassure the public that No personnel representing any Political party is involved in the processing of applications for loans, grants or any other services and that the processing of these applications is done in a fair and transparent manner.