Ministry of Business set to Launch GUYEXPO 2016




The Ministry of Business is set to launch the highly anticipated GUYEXPO 2016, Guyana’s Premier Trade Fair and Exposition, this Friday, March 04 at 17:00 hrs in the main auditorium of the National Exhibition Center, Sophia.

GUYEXPO 2016 will be held from Thursday, May 12 to Sunday, May 15, and will be held under the theme “50 Years, Guyana Means Business – Promoting Enterprise, Driving Productivity”. This theme is perfectly aligned with the objectives of the Ministry of Business and broader government policy to create the enabling environment that will foster business growth and development in Guyana.

The hosting of this grand business event during the month of May, 2016 instead of later in the year is deliberate, as it will give our many local businesses of all categories, types and sizes and other foreign exhibitors the opportunity to showcase the products and services they offer, not only to those who reside in Guyana, but also those living abroad who will be visiting at the time.  Hence, the opportunities for business linkages, sales and promotion are nothing but far-reaching, allowing businesses to tangibly benefit from the eagerly anticipated period as Guyana celebrates 50 years of independence.

GUYEXPO began as an activity that attracted close to 200 exhibitors, many years ago, and is today Guyana’s biggest exposition with over 400 booths, with both local and international exhibitors participating annually. The products and services that are exhibited at GUYEXPO range widely and include food and beverages, handicraft, furniture, home decor, building materials, garments, jewellery, and horticulture, tourism, banking, insurance, government services, information technology, gadgets, entertainment and culture.