Preparations for GuyExpo heighten


WITH the country’s premier trade and investment exposition a week away, there is now a hive of activity at the Sophia Exhibition complex.Carpenters and other construction workers are busy setting up the exhibition spaces for the event.

Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh told reporters yesterday that for the past few years they have expended more than $100M to host GuyExpo and this year the budget was reduced.

As such, the GuyExpo is seeking sponsorship and so far, this year’s 3-day event will cost about $70M.

She was at the time speaking to reporters during a presentation ceremony at GuyExpo Secretariat, Sophia Exhibition Site.

Sukhdeo-Singh said 301 exhibitors have been registered and they are being urged to pay to secure their booths since space is limited.

She explained that heightened security is being organised for the venue, with both Police and added private security and traffic control cops in place.

Sukhdeo-Singh stated that while parking space has been improved in the compound, persons are still being asked to carpool – to use one vehicle rather than visit the event on any given night in several vehicles.

She added that carpooling will limit the time it will take to get to the venue, in addition to the fact that parking spaces are very limited.

When questioned about measures being put in place to cater for rain, since GuyExpo is usually held in the dry September period, Sukhdeo-Singh said that they have sand-filled the booths and plywood is added in booths so that patrons will not step in mud.

She stated that gates will be opened from 14:00h to midnight for the three-day event. There will also be 10 gate prizes each night.

Sukhdeo-Singh told reporters that this year’s event will limit the amount of entertainment events.

In addition, she said that four workshops are being put together to enlighten businesses on product packaging, marketing and access to financing, in an effort to assist them to produce a business plan, as a guide for their business development.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of GuyExpo Dawn Holder-Alert said that the present cost for this year’s event is $70M and they may have to revise that cost because of a budget cut, also as they are depending on sponsors.

She added that they have a fluctuating budget and the cut was due to the lack of finance in which the subject Ministry, the Ministry of Business, does not have the money to spend on GuyExpo this year.

Holder-Alert said they are seeking sponsorship to pull off the 3-day event, but they haven’t had much support since there are too many activities for the 50th anniversary.

She disclosed that the projected profit this year is down by 35% and with the budget cut they are working towards not owing suppliers for their services.