Private sector investment key driver of sustainable growth – says Minister Gaskin


Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, while addressing a gathering of regional business leaders at Republic Bank’s first trade mission to Guyana held at Marriott Hotel on Monday said: Government supports an economic model that sees private sector investment as the key driver of sustainable growth

He furthered emphasized that: there must be a long-term partnership between government and private sector to create an economy that is not only relevant to the people of Guyana, but to the wider region and beyond.

In addressing access to finance in Guyana the Minister told the gathering that:  financing plays a critical role in business development and our bankers need to be fully on board when we contemplate business relationships.

Speaking of the challenges faced by businesses in Guyana in accessing finance, the Minister concluded: So whether within borders or across borders we do need a financial sector that is responsive to the needs of a growing economy and is willing to put new options on the table to finance that growth.