The Ministry of Business- HELP DESK SERVICE CENTER


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The Ministry of Business has established a HELP DESK SERVICE CENTER. This initiative is in keeping with the Government’s commitment to facilitate the Business Community and the General Public to undertake their business activities in a safe and hospitable environment.

The Help Desk seeks to:

  • Provide a single point of contact between businesses /traders and staff of the Ministry for addressing relevant questions and queries with respect to licensing, trade, business protocols, inter alia. Referrals and tailored advice will also be provided.
  • Create an avenue for interaction with the Private Sector in an effort to gain knowledge of the challenges faced and identify bottlenecks
  • Act as a medium of exchange of information between the Private Sector and Government so that policies can be targeted in the main areas highlighted.


Contact can be made on Telephone No. 225-0999 from

Monday – Thursday        08:00 hrs – 16:30 hrs

                     Fridays          08:00 hrs – 15:30 hrs

or visit the office at:

Ministry of Business

Department of Commerce

229 South Road